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Bulldogs by O and B Farms 2021 Photo Contest was a Great Success!   
And the Winner is.........
O and B Farms' Favorite
Friends and Family Favorite


 All in the Family
Ester and her Family

Autumn Colors
Tie between Sconnie and Lucy and Kaia
KellyMulleadyimage6483441.JPG EmilyTomlinsonimage.JPG

Spooky Goblin
A Dog's Best Life
Cora Story
Cora is 7 years old. She is definitely a farm girl . Since joining her family she has becom an active member of their farm. She helps to feed the chickens and supervises everyone while they work in the garden. After a long day of farm chores, she finds a comfy napping spot in the family beds. She enjoys being a protector of the family's small children and is a big sister to the rest of the farm animals teaching them to mind their manners.  

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