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Chocolate and White Female

Molly Brown is a chocolate and white female with a great frame and playful personality.

Dark Brindle and White Female

Lola is an excellent female; dark brindle and white. Parents are Lilah and Beau. Can't wait to see a litter of pups when bred with Cy. They will be beautiful!

Georgia Girl
Brindle and White Female

Georgia is a brindle and white female; very bully frame. Daughter of Peaches.

Peaches; Daughter of Ginger and Henry

Peaches is a docile blue brindle and white female. Very nurturing dam.


Lottie is a beautiful blue brindle and white female with classic markings. She is the daughter of Cy and Peaches. She looks like her mother and has the gentle temperment of her mother as well.