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Ruger and Peaches are excited to announce their recent litter! 

10 week old Puppy Pictures taken 10/20/17. 5 males and 2 females left from this litter..... If you would like to come visit please call for your appointment.

 Call 612-290-9381 and let me answer any questions you may have...

Please no text messages... You may also email me oandbfarms@hotmail. 
Please note that there are lots of scams out there and they have used my website to scam interested buyers. Please make sure that you contact me by phone or email me only at oandbfarms@hotmail.com No other emails


Wee Willie; Brindle and White Male

Wee Willie is a brindle and white male with patches over both eyes and a distinguished brindle spot on the top of his head. He loves his meal time and won't be Wee Wee Willie for long!

Jack Sprat; White and Brindle Spotted Male

Jack Sprat is a stoic white male with brindle markings. Just look at those blue eyes!

Mary Brindle and White Female

Mary Mary Quite Contrary is a outstanding brindle and white female with quite the personality!

Jill; Blue Brindle and White Female

Always looking for Jack, our blue brindle and white Jill loves to go up the hill to play and but often tumbles with the grandkids who like to challenge her energy level!

Peaches-Blue Brindle and White Female
Litter is sired by Ruger

Peter Piper; Brindle and White Male

 10 week old Peter Piper is a stunning brindle and white male with a patch over his left eye. Very gentle and loves to snuggle and have his belly rubbed.

Tommy Tucker; Brindle and White Male

  10 week old Tommy Tucker Piper is a brindle and white male with a patch over his right eye. He loves to play hide and seek....If you are having trouble finding him, he may be asleep under the tree!

Georgy Porgy; Brindle and White Male

  10 week old Georgie Porgy is a handsome brindle and white male with patches over both eyes and all white feet. Loves to chase after the grandkids and tries to nibble your toes.

Ruger - Litter's Sire
This is Ruger's Last Litter

Ruger and Peaches are excited to introduce their fine litter. This is Ruger's last litter as he has since retired. The pups from this litter are a once in a life time opportunity to have a puppy from these two stunning Olde English Bulldoggees!