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Mia and Henry are excited to announce their latest litter! 

Pups were born January 2016 and will be ready for their new homes just in time for Easter.... 

Please call us @ 612-296-3014 or 612-290-9381  Additional pictures on www.puppyfind.com

Call 612-290-9381 and let me answer any questions you may have...

Please no text messages... You may also email me oandbfarms@hotmail. 
Please note that there are lots of scams out there and they have used my website to scam interested buyers. Please make sure that you contact me by phone or email me only at oandbfarms@hotmail.com No other emails


Clyde is a handsome fella with a white collar, white feet and patches over both eyes.

Clyde Barrow-Male Pup
Our little gangster Clyde who loves to run with Bonnie

Bonnie is a sassy young gal who loves to get in a little bit of trouble! She is half black and half white with a cute little dot on the top of her head and a black right ear.

Bonnie- Female

John Dillinger is a classic gangster. He likes to dress up in his light brindle and white coat and strut around in his all white feet. He wears a brindle patch over his left eye and both ears.

John Dillinger - Male
Mia-Litter's Dam
Papa Henry
Henry-Litter's Sire-IOEBA/CKC Registered

Ma Barker may have a threatening tone to her name, but she is a bundle of cuddles and joy! She takes good care of her siblings and makes sure everything runs smooth as planned! She is a stunning black and white female that has a face that one just falls in love with.....

Ma Barker - Female

 Pretty Boy Floyd is eye catching young male. He is a handsome tri-color white, brindle and black male. He will grow up to be quite the stud.....loves to flirt with all the girls..... 

Pretty Boy Floyd - Male

 Baby Face Nelson is so adorable. The young tri-color male has patches over both eyes, a dot on his head and over his lower torso above his tail.

Baby Face Nelson- Male

Mr. Al Capone has quite the reputation and sometimes gets in trouble with his big mouth, but this darker brindle and white male would be a great addition to your family! SOLD to Dawn

Al Capone - Male-SOLD