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Beau and Minnie Pearl are excited to announce their first litter! 

Call for details... 612-290-9381 (no text messages)

If you would like to come visit please call for your appointment.

Jimmy Dickens and Patsy Cline are still available.

 Call 612-290-9381 and let me answer any questions you may have...

Please no text messages... You may also email me oandbfarms@hotmail. 
Please note that there are lots of scams out there and they have used my website to scam interested buyers. Please make sure that you contact me by phone or email me only at oandbfarms@hotmail.com No other emails



Looks a lot like her sister Reba, but Patsy has a more narrow stripe down her face. Still quite bully and is destined to be a real beauty!

Wynona; Brindle and White Female
SOLD to Bishop Family

Wynona is a brindle and white female with a patches over one eye. She is just starting to get around on all four feet and before long will be climbing out of her box! SOLD to Bishop Family

SOLD to Melissa and Josh

Reba is so classic in her markings. She is very bully yet petite. Loves to cuddle in with her litter mates and let's her Momma know when she is hungry! SOLD to Josh and Melissa

Minnie Pearl-Blue Brindle and White Female
Litter's Dam

This is Minnie Pearl's first litter. An excellent caregiver, this first time Momma nurtures and watches over her little ones like she has been doing it for years!

Little Jimmy Dickens - male

Little Jimmy Dickens is everyone's favorite with his white face and bully stance!

SOLD to Everett Family, Iowa

Conway Twitty is so handsome. Classic markings and distinguished like his Olde Man! SOLD to the Everett Family, Iowa

SOLD to Robbie NC

Young Hank Williams is dark and handsome like his Pa! Loves to be held and cuddled and if you put him down he comes back begging for more cuddles! Sold to Robbie NC

Beau - Litter's Sire

Beau and Minnie Pearl are excited to introduce their first litter together. The pups from this litter are a once in a life time opportunity to have a puppy from this awesome breed!

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